February 29, 2012

Infolinks Experiment on my Blog (Update)

infolinks earning

This is the update from my recently installed script of Infolinks. Well looks like it will stay on my three blogs the daily earnings are quite progressing, yet slow but surely good than nothing at all. The infolinks keeps on giving me a cents everyday though sometimes I also get zero in a day. 

infolinks earning
So far the latest earning of my blogs  was 63 cents, 10 days after I install it. Let's wait after the end of March, how much it will accumulated its earning. 
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February 26, 2012

iPhone 4S @ Globe

iPhone 4s with box
Image Source: slashgear.com
Yesterday I follow up my application of my plan in Globe Cabanatuan City, I am hopeful that I can take it home already, but end up going home without it. Even if their iPhone have arrived (I saw the whole package box and the delivery boy told me that it was iPhone) I wasn't able to get my iPhone. The customer support told me that the 16GB and 32GB was out of stocks and 64GB was the only available at the moment but need a higher cash out of more than 15k which I don't have extra to pay for it. The lady added that the other iPhone's are for their loyalty clients only, it looks like Globe's employee was doing something fishy about all of the applications and they are only approving and giving those that they knew or closed to them, and so if you do not have any connections with this staff then you are last on the line. Sad, but sorry that was only my observations!
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February 20, 2012

Infolinks on my Blogs

infolinks, earning
Image Source: wtcc.sa.gov.au
I install infolinks long before that I start to blog, and because I was new in blogging and want to earn early in just an overnight (that doesn't happen actually), I lost the hopes of it and just removed it. Moreover just looking at it on my blog looks clutter and doesn't have an appeal to read more. I sometimes find it annoying too, so I'm thinking that my reader might go away because of it. Although I earn 4 cents for the period of 6 moths that it was on my blog, I just can't take to stand seeing it on my blogs and I choose to remove it.

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February 17, 2012

Zenni Optical's Special Promo

Zenni Optical, Eyeglass promo

Zenni Optical are running the biggest promotions ever, having their special promo of buy 2 get 1 free of equal or lesser value prescription eyegalsses, ranging from fashionable eyeglass to the one that was suited to your style. You can also opt to go in their website to try a whole wide ranges of eyeglass designs and try it in "zenni frame fit" a special feature system that you can actually fit and see for yourself if your chosen design are fit and suited for your face.

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February 14, 2012

My First Ever Check Account

Check, Account, Guimba bank

This week, I got my first check account but still clueless on how to use it and where will I use it. Last week I apply it in our local rural bank, but opening the check here is not as easy as it may sound, the Manager needs to interview me first (or should I say interrogate me) before it can be passed and approved on the main branch in Cabanatuan City along with the requirements that I need to submit on them, including: business permit, barangay permit, TIN number and 4 pieces of my 2 by 2 pictures.

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February 11, 2012

Joining Envy and Gift Ahoy's Giveaway

Raketer Mama joined  the giveaway of Big Blog Theory' Giveaway . By joining one can win a fabulous prize below:

give away, contest, accesories

So don't wait to join now! The contest will end on March 5, 2012, open to Philippines residents only. All you have to do is just following her on GFC, twitter, tweet and share and don't forget to like her photo on Gifts Ahoy. You can opt to have a blog-post about it  if you want to increase your chance of winning. Good-luck!
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February 09, 2012

4 Year Old Force to Run in the Snow

As I was about to eat my dinner in between of watching news on TV5, it has been reported an outburst anger of netizen over the Chinese parents who force their four year old son to run without  clothes on the snow. Although I cannot fully understand the video, I feel so pity with the child, based on the video the child is really feel cold and about to turn back but had no choice because the parents seems like he wants to continue running on the freezing snow. They also ask the child to do a push-up and the kid starts to really cry.

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February 08, 2012

Earn in Nuffnang Survey


Today I receive an email from nuffnang people to take a survey for them, its a good opportunity to earn while just taking a minute to do so. The first 500 Nuffnangers to complete the survey will receive Php100.00, and the next 500 Nuffnangers will receive Php75.00. This will be credited to our Nuffnang Dashboard. But be sure to use the email you registered with Nuffnang or it will not credited on your account. Go ahead and check your email now from nuffnang. 

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February 05, 2012

The Conditioner That Almost Kill Me

This is my entry to the Week 24 of Techie She Weekly Giveaways. This week’s lucky blogger will win $10 Paypal credits from Borris of Humble Opinion.

hair conditioner
Image Source: ayushveda.com
I am so lucky that right now I'm still here in front of my laptop doing an update on Raketer Mama's blog and making my entry to this week at Techie She. Just recently I thought that I'm gonna die inside the shower. The culprit is the conditioner that I used, yes you read it right. After putting on the conditioner on my hair. I slipped on the floor because I try to catch it with all my might when about to fall after putting it back on the rack. And in my opinion that was stupid of me to risk my life because of the conditioner. I sat on the floor for almost five minutes and I couldn't move, but thank God that finally I was able to stand and just suffered only some bruises on my hips.
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Stop Blogging and Get a Real Job

Jim Carrey, Blogging freak, gif
Image source: mylot.com
"Stop Blogging and Get a Real Job" , This is not from me, it came from a discussion on mylot.com where I usually hang out if I feels that I need to read or responds there. The discussions actually caught my attention along with other mylotters who are into blogging also, some got mad and some just laugh about it, well it was fun to read all the response in mylot a way of an outlet if I don't feel like updating my blog, reading and commenting is a form of blogging too, right?

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