July 22, 2013

Always Short with Cash


Do you always find yourself short with cash after all the bills and due payment has been made? Or do you always struggle to pay your bills and seeks some help from your family especially from your parents or siblings. Well, maybe the way you handle finances is the problem and probably you overspent your earnings to the things that you actually don‘t needs.

Here are some simple tips to cope with the shortage of cash:
  1. Pay bills on time – overdue payment cost us some interest especially with water and electric bills, so if you want to save some money it is better to pay it on time than to have a charge that cost 10 to 20 % of the total amount.
  2. Withdraw on the same bank – some bank charge us whenever we make some withdrawal with other banks, to avoid excess payment and save some cash always withdraw with the same bank.
  3.  Bring your own food and drinks are always a winner. Some establishment or other place charge a little bit higher with the same snacks or refreshments.
  4. Plain White clothes – is very classy and casual, and no one can ever tell if you always wear it or not, which prevent you to buy clothes for the next several months.
  5. Ride on public vehicles – even if you had your own car, riding public vehicle can saves money, just be sure to be at ahead of time because riding in this vehicles can cause you some delay on your destination. 
  6. Choose prepaid over postpaid – especially on communications although a bit of hassle but it will prevent you some surprises every month from phone bills.
  7. Be on diet – prevent going out with friends unless they are the one that will pay for food but if not it’s better to have an alibi that you are on a diet than ending up short with cash for the next day.
It’s not wrong to be frugal but it is bad when you can no longer sustain the things you really need and ending up with a lots of debt.

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