About me

Hi! I am air grew up in Bongabon, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. I am Civil Engineering graduate but have no guts to take the exam. I married Christopher Abenes, whom I met in college, he is my first and only boyfriend in my life. No regrets cause Ive never been experiences broken heart and bad relationship in my past. Though we have also experiencing ups and down in our marriage we manage to make it better every time we pass on it.

I am also a mother to my son Christian King, taking care and guiding him to the best that I can.

In my spare time I manage our businesses and every raket that I can make, we are dreaming to become a financially free and enjoy each other here in the Philippines on our own roof.

As a blogger I find it more outlet in every aspect of my life and find it more social than any social network that Ive joined. I met a true friends thru blogging and met more people across the world. I enjoy now blogging than farming in farmville. I am not a good writer but as a blogger, writing your own experience can make you a very good writer.


  1. hope I can earn money online too, but still don't know how

  2. ...it's nice to have moms like me wanting to enjoy working and at the same time enjoying parenthood...blogging, a way to go!...