February 28, 2011

Color my hair in a savvy way

How much will you pay in the salon for the color of your hair? Maybe 300 to 500 Pesos (7$ to 12 $) or even 900 Pesos( 21$). Even the price of available DIY hair color on the groceries are actually expensive.

I wouldn't go to spent my money for this, instead I found something that could save me a hundreds of bucks for a hair-color. And I only spent 40 Pesos (almost a dollar only) for my hair color.

The hair color can be bought in any Chinese or Korean store and in the market and it cost only 10 Pesos (0.23$) each while Creamsilk hair treatment is 17 pesos(0.39$).

The result.

See how I save my money and yet Ive done a great make over for myself (not really), I just have to be creative and savvy, that's it. A lot of people noticed my new hair color and have been asking me where did my hair color is done and I always reply with "done in David's Salon" (toinks) :-)


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