February 24, 2011

A hotcake makes me a good chef by my son

I don't usually cook hotcake at home, the truth is I am not a fan of it. But my son saw a booklet at the market that is a compilation of several recipes in a very cheap price. He ask me to buy for that book, and because as a parent seeing your child's interest in particular activities you wont say no but just happy to know that he wants to learn to cook, it is really cheap so I bought him the books, anyway.

My son dreams now are to become a good chef, he also told me that he wants to put up his own restaurant so we will have a lot of money. Of course I will be happy and show my support to him, although I know that as he grow older his interest will keep on changing from time to time. 

And before this chef dream, he wants to be a surfer, a soldier, a racer and a teacher, he  also want to grow faster so he will be the one to attend our Internet Cafe Shop (and he will be entitled to play games anytime, he always banned at our shop because of his studies, as of today he is now seven years old and he  already knows how to play special force online).

And because of the influence of cartoon network which I allow him to watch, he is a fan of Chowder who never knew how to cook but just to eat everything and anything. He wanted also to be in the kitchen just like Chowder, and his first recipe that he want to cook is hotcake, which his book have it's recipe too.

But instead I just buy him a pre-mixed hotcake, the one that you could buy at the grocery and cook it for him, he enjoyed it a lot, although he is not the one who preferred it, I still got a praise by him and he told me maybe I am the good chef and I am the one should cook (toinks). And we should serve it in our future restaurant lol... 

Haisst I am not good cooking and yet I am a good Chef by my son. He really knows how to make me smile ^_^.


  1. continue encouraging and supporting your son Air, kids develop self confidence once they felt that they are being supported and appreciated by us, their parents :)

    good luck on your next cooking hehe

  2. It is good that your son is into reading.By all means give him all the encouragement.

  3. Hi Airine! :)

    I am not a fan of pancakes too, but I love waffles.. :D Weird noh, pareho lang naman sila ng ingredients.. :P

  4. @ anne oo nga perowaffles kasi di ba may hotdog pa yata at cheese

  5. I love your blog and how you share your experiences. I am a mom too with 2 boys - 11 and 6. I have a beautiful idea of getting them to cook, in the kitchen and at the same time there is a lot of teaching that can be done as well as building bonds with our kids. Have a look at 1teachingkids@blogspot.com.

    It would be good to have you stop by and comment on the ideas.



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