December 28, 2011

Black Christmas Eve

Have you experience this? Brown out just before the Christmas Eve, it is our first time to actually celebrate Christmas with no power at all here in our place in Bongabon, Nueva Ecija. But even though we haven't enough lights in our home it didn't stop us to celebrate Christmas. We still enjoy the foods and the kids are still awake, playing while enjoying their gifts and foods, and we adults are keeps on joking around and chatting with the family. I guess we are all finally move on with the heartache and pain after losing our dear family member Jerek.

We keep on waiting for the power to go back, but to our dismay it didn't until we are all decided to go in bed and just sleep. The power came back next day at exactly 9 am already. And the Godchildren are keep on coming asking for blessings and gifts. 

Oh well at least we sympathize on how our fellows in CDO and Iligan City have been experiencing during the Christmas eve as we all know that they have been experiencing the aftermath of disasters just a week before the Christmas. Hoped that they can move on though it is not that easy to do.


  1. good thing that your family are safe

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  2. oh noh! this is too bad..i haven't experienced a black Christmas eve sis..but at least, you and your family are safe.

  3. just look at the brighter side sis, at least u experienced a candle lit noche buena...sosyalin!

  4. indeed, christmas is not about the 'happenings' but about 'what happened.' it's all about Christ and that is all that matters, come brownout or not :)

  5. no ,i haven't experienced black christmas yet but it doesn't matter at all .we can still celebrate Christmas the way we want it.



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