December 23, 2011

My Page Rank 1 Shirt for Raketer Mama

contest winner

Yes, yours truly have won again in a contest with my entry here! on Gagay's Page Rank Giveaway. The 10 winners of Page Rank shirt have been announce tonight but there's more tomorrow, I just hope that I will be included again for the remaining prizes.

My t-shirt size is medium for ladies fit. Please contact me at for other details. I really don't have any idea how it will be printed in design all I know is I am now excited to receive one.

Also I am taking this opportunity post to say thank you all for making my blog PR1 and now keep on increasing in Alexa rankof 800k, it means I am getting more traffic nowadays. Merry Christmas and Thank you also to Gagay for this wonderful contest!


  1. Great job! You really deserve this for all the work that you have put into your blog.

    Keep in up and win a lot more!

  2. Congratz :))
    Wish I could also win a contest .

  3. I can't see the picture :( It says tinypic. Awww.
    Anyway gratz on the PR 1. Let's keep helping each other increase our PR's :)

  4. Sira na ung pic po. Hindi ko makita.
    congrats po.



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