January 19, 2012

Adgitize Refund and Payment

This is the last payment that was sent to me by Mr. Ken Brown, CEO of adgitize.com the first image is the refund of my remaining running ads that untimely reached the shutting down of the system, and the second one is the earning for being an advertiser and publisher for the whole month of December. 

I'm still missing the site and the blogosphere on the adgitize system, I miss the time that I don't need to promote my blogs but just to write and write if I feel too. Thank you Mr. Ken for being so eager in assisting us whenever we had troubles; whether it is the system or getting trouble in SEO, I still visited your forum and I did earn learning from it. Thanks again and May God Bless You!

refund, adgitize, paypal
Refund of remaining advertisement payment

publisher, adgitize,payment, paypal
The payment that I earn for December 2011


  1. Wow. At least you earned something there. The competition is hard nowadays, lalo na sa ads company. Wew!

  2. this is sad, i have not even tried it and it already closed down. Really tough business for them..

  3. I haven't even known them and they've already shut down.. >.< I have to agree with Finance Eymardeas though, at least you've earned something.

  4. Its very difficult to earn a cent these days, but with adgitize it was possible for many bloggers. The best thing about adgitize was it encouraged even beginners in blogging which was like a motivation to keep up with the blogosphere. My association with adgitize was for a very short time, but i got to know many wonderful bloggers. I wish i had spend more time with adgitize, but the little i spent was worth memorable.

  5. You really earned fronm ADGITIZ.it is just sad that htey closed down but for sure there are still other company out there where you can earn double than whta adgi pays you

  6. I am sad with this story, I am posting adgitize ads too. I hope they will back again with this business.

  7. Wow! I think never made it that much from advertising XD

  8. Sad to know that they're shutting down. But I guess we have to look for something else to earn.


  9. I know it is sad but there are other sites you are able to use to make money. I think you can explore.



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