February 08, 2012

Earn in Nuffnang Survey


Today I receive an email from nuffnang people to take a survey for them, its a good opportunity to earn while just taking a minute to do so. The first 500 Nuffnangers to complete the survey will receive Php100.00, and the next 500 Nuffnangers will receive Php75.00. This will be credited to our Nuffnang Dashboard. But be sure to use the email you registered with Nuffnang or it will not credited on your account. Go ahead and check your email now from nuffnang. 


  1. I completed the survey last night... Pero di pa nag-uupdate yung dashboard ko.

  2. I completed the survey the other week but my dashboard was not u-pdated yet. Maybe they'll update it later :-) Just swinging by po~! Gbu! Greeting you from here



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