February 20, 2012

Infolinks on my Blogs

infolinks, earning
Image Source: wtcc.sa.gov.au
I install infolinks long before that I start to blog, and because I was new in blogging and want to earn early in just an overnight (that doesn't happen actually), I lost the hopes of it and just removed it. Moreover just looking at it on my blog looks clutter and doesn't have an appeal to read more. I sometimes find it annoying too, so I'm thinking that my reader might go away because of it. Although I earn 4 cents for the period of 6 moths that it was on my blog, I just can't take to stand seeing it on my blogs and I choose to remove it.

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But now I have consider again to bring it back to my blogs in hope of earning again. Although I have Adsense and Nuffnang which is another forms of monetizing our blog, adding one more passive income wont hurt a bit, right! Plus the later two are so slow in earning, if only Nuffnang earn was in dollars then I should be satisfied enough but sad that it was on peso only. And earning in Adsense was so hard to achieve that it requires a lot of traffic before it will give you a dollar on your dashboard.

What is Infolinks?
Infolinks is like more of pay per click advertising popularly known as PPC, an in text advertising that will crawl your content for possible keywords with advertisement on them and once someone on your reader click it you are actually paid for that.

Why I consider it again?
At first I thought that no one was actually earning in Infolinks until someone posted their earning on Facebook, it somehow inspires me and say "why not?", those guys are so good that they can actually kiss goodbye on their daytime job. I did also some research and proofs if this can be a good Adsense alternative, and yes they are actually.

Here are some sites that earn with Infolinks:
infolinks earning, passive earning
Image Source : techpinas.com
infolinks earning, passive earning
Image Source : sitebuildertips.com
I also make an experimentation on this blog and have customize it to blend more on my themes, I want my blog to still look minimalist. The one that you see with a blue link underlined by dotted line is actually Infolinks, when you hover your mouse will show a bubble to a certain link. By customizing you can set how many links should appear and you can edit also their looks on your blog. The image below show my earn after 1 day of putting Infolinks on this blog only.

infolinks earning, passive earning

Let see if this can give me more than the Adsense and Nuffnang or another regret that I will face in future. But its totally free so I don't lose by putting Infolinks on my blogs.


  1. Friend, I cannot see infolinks ads in your blog, maybe the ads is geo-targeted and not from traffic in the Philippines. Now I understand Infolinks, hope that this blog of yours has more traffic in US.

  2. Wow! Pa-petiks petiks nalang ang may ari ng mga blog na yan. Kain, tulog, blog, Hayyy... walking in the fields of gold mine. Sana ganyan din ako.

  3. very informative coz i don't understand this kind of things.i see my blog as only self expression and not to earn.but if it happens without much effort why not huh? keep on blogging and i'm sure you can achieve your goal!

  4. Thank you for this post> I am now inspired to put mine also after removing it. :)

  5. Infolinks doesn't seem to work for me. I mostly earn through SocialSparks. For a span of three months, I was able to earn 30 dollars. And opportunities keep on coming too. You may want to try it by registering here: http://izea.in/r14HO



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