February 26, 2012

iPhone 4S @ Globe

iPhone 4s with box
Image Source: slashgear.com
Yesterday I follow up my application of my plan in Globe Cabanatuan City, I am hopeful that I can take it home already, but end up going home without it. Even if their iPhone have arrived (I saw the whole package box and the delivery boy told me that it was iPhone) I wasn't able to get my iPhone. The customer support told me that the 16GB and 32GB was out of stocks and 64GB was the only available at the moment but need a higher cash out of more than 15k which I don't have extra to pay for it. The lady added that the other iPhone's are for their loyalty clients only, it looks like Globe's employee was doing something fishy about all of the applications and they are only approving and giving those that they knew or closed to them, and so if you do not have any connections with this staff then you are last on the line. Sad, but sorry that was only my observations!


  1. Well same old same old. I hope the culture of "palakasan" at "MBA: May Backer ako" be put aside and truly serve the public on a first come first serve basis to truly be a "Customer Support" department.

  2. patience is a virtue daw, cool ka lang...sobrang inip din ako sa 4S ko kaya ayun napamahal ako...kung nkpag intay ako kahit 1 month malaki matitipid ko, kaso sa huli ang pagsisisi kaya next time i'll try to wait...

  3. so sad naman. magkano ang monthly ng 4s sa globe 32g?

    1. same lang sa plan mo mag-iiba lang sa cash out, 32gb nasa 10k

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