March 30, 2012

My Son's Interest on Blogging and Earning

with medal, Palayan City, Convention Hall
Finally my son finished another level in studying and he gave me a reward that can make any parents be proud of. He is one of the top 10 honorable mention in his class where there are almost 40 pupils competing, glad that he was able to make it while some of his classmate have undergone tutor after class. I know that he is smart kid but playing can separate him from studying more. He also talks as if I am talking to a grown up man because he already know how hard we earn money for a living. He never insisted also to buy an specific toy if the price was really high, for him a toy that was beyond Php 100 (almost $3) was a bit pricey and can slashed the savings from our money.

The earnings in blogging.

coins, earning in blogging
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Just recently while doing blogging, he asked me when will I stop doing blogging and writing. Maybe he is irritated with me while whining up on my blogs that I haven't updated or article that I can't finish in one sitting. I try my best to explain to him what I do and I don't know if he understand it firmly. But one thing that he conclude on my blogging, one can actually earn on it.

His interest on blogging

And so I see some sparks on his eyes and ask me if he can do blogging as well. I actually laughed my heart out of it, thinking how he can write something. I imagine maybe he will write some strategies in games like dota, iDate, and in KOS. I told him to wait till he finished his schooling. Blogging and earning was not really easy as it said, it took me years to actually earn from it but definitely will pay off, after you have surpass that waiting and patience. And sometimes the earnings are the one that will be looking for you and you'll actually have an options whether to accept it or not.

For my son, please do your study well especially that the system of education are changing. Your school are trying to adopt a dynamic system of learning and the government are implementing soon the K to 12 education system. For sure that will be hard for you in the beginning but don't forget to ask for help. I am here to guide you always. Keep on grabbing an award and congrats my son.


  1. Awww! :) Nakaka overwhelm po ba ang feeling? Yung anak na mismo yung gusto kayong pahintoin sa ginagawa nyo kasi alam nya na pagod na kayo? Ahehehe!

    Feel ko! Ganyan din yung pinaka bunso kong kapatid. She told me when would I stop doing these online stuffs 'coz she wants to play with me. If she could only help, she will daw.

    Ang cute pakinggan! ♥
    Congrats to your son and to you, Ate! :)

  2. aw. I'm imagining the scene already. :P Looks so cut, a little kid asking stuff about blogging. ♥

  3. Your son is not only smart but loving.. :) He really understands how hard it is to earn money. I applaud him for not only getting into the top 10, but also for being a very understanding son.. :) Congrats sis, you really raised him well.. ^^

  4. congrats sa anak mo :) and to you too :)

  5. wow, congrats, blow-out naman :) mag-high school na b anak mo? SFADS ?

  6. ate riz hindi mag-grade 3 palang po , and yes SFADS po dati sya sa BES inilipat ko

  7. Congrats ,ang galing naman at nasa top 10 .My eldest loves to read my blog, nakakaiyak daw mga post 1 fan ko yon and he likes it when I write about him and his achievements.



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