April 03, 2012

$500 Contest for Bloggers (International)

I just enter a contest in Contest Chest Blog, and if you are a contest addict like me to win some extra Paypal cash or other freebies then this is for you. 

Fact about joining contest:
Blog contest, bloggers, prize
Did you know that by joining a contest especially if it requires you to blog about it is a good filler for your blog. A blog that haven't updated for so long can have a chance to update because this can help you more interact with your readers and to your host of the contest. The host of the contest will also review your blog and does it gives also a good traffic and bounce rate for your blog. 

Remember the lesser the percentage of your blog in bounce rate defines that your blog are having a good traffic and unique views. The possibility that someone may land on your blog but closing it after they have seen it, is not consider a unique views. You can check your traffics and bounce rate on Google Analytics site.

Also joining a contest is like helping a fellow blogger to spread his site, and once it is now your time to held a contest for your blog, there is a possibility that they will support you also by joining your contest too. 

Back to the contest! Please don't forget to put my URL post below!
The prize for bloggers in Contest Chest blog is:
1. If the winner entered our contest on your blog,you'll also get $500 cash, plus
2. You'll get ad space on every page of ContestChest.com for one month with over 400,000 page views from over 26,000 unique visitors.
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  1. Wow! this is huge. I will join this contest! thanks.

  2. wow i want to join too! need all the moolah i can get my hands on. LOL

  3. So huge cash in the pot...Will join..

  4. wow..this is huge..I joined:)

  5. I will join but I'm not expecting to win...but, I want to win!!! lol! Wala talaga akong swerte sa mga contests... im crossing my fingers now.

  6. the prize is big.I wat to join gut i don't like the rafflecopter thingy.

  7. Interesting contest! I want to win so I will probably join!

  8. Goodluck to those who are joining. :)



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