October 25, 2011

At Last Paypal Verified!

Yay! Today I almost gave up on my Eon bank. I just happen to open my account at Union Bank recently, and yes my money is just stock on paypal and good thing that paypal doesn't forfeit it even if its never move. So morning comes I wake up and prefer to go to the bank to deposit a Php 150.00 (actually Php 100.00 is fine because paypal only needs $2 that will be credited also on your paypal). I go to Union bank for almost four times in a different day because of my stupidity and lack of knowledge heheheh. 

First is when I open EON, second to collect my card and had no idea that I need to change my pin code at atm (I thought that bank has a different rule when opening an account), third is to change the pin code (oh! and its not me who did this because I attend my shop that day) and last is to deposit my money what a foolish me not to remember to let my friend deposit it for me.

So when my friend made to change my pin code I was excited to verify it to paypal but another problem arise. I don't know what is the security code of it. Then I search it online and they say it will reflect on my transaction history, but haven't had a deposit there so there is no way will it had history. 

Then I deposit today, excited to get home and verified it, confident that this time it will be finish, but still having difficulties (what a noob). I call the Union Bank @ Cabanatuan Branch and get some help but wow they don't know much about paypal. Until I realize that I need to link it first to my paypal account and I receive my email telling me how will I know the security code (4 digit). And so I did verified my paypal.

So friends if you are having a difficulties too, just ask me, I still remember all the difficulties that I encountered during this verification thing! Cheers!



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