November 01, 2011

Affordable books about financial strategy

If you are struggling about your financial and you want a solution about it, might you want to consider buying a good book that will suit your budget. Of course you need affordable ones since you are already suffering in your handling of finances.

Last Tuesday while glancing at some books @ National Bookstore, some books caught my attention. I'll always love to scout in financial sections (if anyone knows me that I am at National Bookstore in Cabanatuan City for sure that you will find me there) on which hoping I could pick up some strategy or techniques without even buying it (lol! I'm so thrifty hoping for a new ideas for free).

But this time is different I decide to buy it. I'm so surprise that the booklet that I am holding at that time cost only Php 50.00 or less than $2 dollar only. Yes you've read it right only 50.00 pesos for your troubles in finances , it is written by Eduardo O. Roberto Jr. with title ANG PERA NA HINDI BITIN. The book contains how to manage your money and how can God will entrust us to manage it. It is a combination of faith and getting out of debt and strategy for savings. 

So I opt to buy it, there's no harm to loose a Php 50.00 for the knowledge that it will give me plus the fact that I will have a hard copy of it, if I lose my track to handle my finances. But then again another book catches my attention OMG it was a book of Bo Sanchez also another good mentor when it comes to financial and God's faith. The book entitled "MY MAID INVEST IN THE STOCK MARKET....AND WHY YOU SHOULD, TOO!" I've been looking for this on the internet for e-book (for free of course) but no avail. I want to learn on how to invest also and maybe this will help me give some answers to my queries. But unlike the book ANG PERA NA HINDI BITIN this one is a bit pricy cost of Php 175.00 or less than $4 dollar. I decided to not have my lunch at mall and buy a bottle of water instead since its already lunchtime that time, hoping that my hungriness will wait until I got home.

The book "MY MAID INVEST IN THE STOCK MARKET" tackles on how he motivate his maids to invest in stock market, with a dreams of being a multi millionaire when they retired. Although Bo is not really an expert on Stock, he was sharing the advice of his Stock Advisor which is the one that has more knowledge when it comes to stock. Both book I finished to read for 2 hours only (with sometimes distraction of my son). And it was a good find to read. Hope I can pursue some of teaching they made on their books and apply it too. And I hope that you won't find it expensive for the total price of Php 225.00 or $6 dollar.


  1. they are good books to read :)

  2. Yes it is, there is no technicality for a non business course like me

  3. I love Bo Sanchez's work.... totally inspired after his speech during the Entrepreneur Summit....

  4. @ Gianne
    really, hope to attend also! will sure get motivated more to save

  5. hi Air!

    I'm also done reading these books that are not expensive but very worthy to read.

    I follow Bo. I attended seminar in Citiseconline before investing. right now, im geared to read the new entreprenuer bookzine.

    mabuhay and may your investment goals materialize and prosper!

  6. Hey great blog site you have. It's me, webgirl01 from mylot. I just subscribed and followed your site through my twitter. :) hope all is well. Good luck and good job making a blog site. :)

  7. @ hitokirihoshi yes I am planning to do that also citiseconline just need my husbands approval first

    @eleanor thanks alot

  8. I like your blog. I am glad to be part of

  9. I think there's an abridged (or not) version of Bro. Bo's My Maids Invest in the Stock Market at I was able to download it for free. And I also am a fan of Bo Sanchez, even from way back when.



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