October 13, 2011

Online Opportunities @ MyLot

Getting paid online is now a bread and butter for others. Others have been a huge success through internet whether it was writing, getting referrals or his own product and services. I  personally experience this and I wanted also to share this to whoever is interested on earnings thru online.

I recently joined mylot and I was surprise to immediately earn a cents right away due to trying to do some task (since it was so easy I just need to comment on some articles, which is I usually do since I am into blogging). Joining is free, you just had to have a paypal account so that you will cash out your earnings from mylot to paypal.
My earnings for only 1 week

my friend's earnings and waiting for October 15 to cash out

So how does it works:
1. You will get paid monthly with a minimum account balance of $10. You have the option to increase your minimum payment to $25, $50 or $100. All payments will be in US dollars and made via PayPal, depending on the country you reside in. All users will be required to have a valid PayPal account. myLot is not responsible for any fees incurred in the payment process (i.e. translation fees, taxes, bank fees, credit card fees, PayPal fees, etc.)

2. Use myLot, post discussions, respond to discussions, comment on discussions, or perform searches.

3. Post quality content. For example, generate discussions that engage other users and provide insightful responses and comments to other users discussions to further the topic

4. Refer friends. For each person you send to myLot you will receive a bonus equal to 25% of their discussion and image earnings.

And if you could join thru me (http://www.mylot.com/?ref=airkulet) I'll be glad to assist you there. Message me there it is free at your own flexible time. Happy mylotting!


  1. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

  2. No prob its a good way to earn and learn at the same time. See you there

  3. if i decide to join, i'll definitely be part your lot. because you're gonna be my mentor if ever.

    right now if still busy with my offline career and other onlie rakets.

    i hope you earn more! Please update us if ever. mabuhay!

  4. hi hitori actually they pay me already see this http://raketermama.blogspot.com/2011/11/recieve-my-first-payment-mylot.html



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