April 18, 2012

Mylot Third Payment

mylot payment, paypal
$10.76 payment from Mylot

Whew! Finally I received the payment from mylot, after a long hiatus and inactivity to participate in the discussion and being lie-lowed to do some task with only a total of $10.76, not quite big but the knowledge and the traffic that I am gaining from that site are priceless. Yes! you read it right, I received a referral traffic from that site, because when a member there got to know that you have a link on your profile they will actually visited you and will try to find what you were offering too (myloters are always finding more ways to see some of the secrets and referrals in earning online). Below are my brief explanation how I acquire traffic from mylot.
website traffic
Image Source: ethicalchamp.com
How to acquire traffic from mylot?
One of the first step in having an account in mylot is setting up your own profile there, where you will fill out some personal data, photos, username and your refer payment. You can also set up a lot of link back to your prefer URL through the use of HTML, and of course the benefits of putting your own website link in mylot. The picture below is the actual profile of yours truly, and you will see my blog "From wala to okay" which according to my extension SEO Quake lite are in do follow.
mylot profile

And because I religiously replying to a discussion that has something to do with blogging, I became number 1 in the leader-board for the topic of interest of blogger.com, which is I enjoy also replying and participating on the discussion, giving some advise and help for their blogs, and which gives also a signals to other member that I am a blogger, thus they want to visit my blog, sometimes for curiosity.
mylot leaderboard
How to earn in mylot?
It is basically what you type is what you earn, although the rate per wordings are dependent on your reputation which calculated for your quality of participation that only mylot admins knows how. It is advice that you write long or keep on participating in the discussion very often which I seldom do now due to blogging and some offline task. 

If you want to join mylot just head up to their website and start participating in the discussion, try to concentrate on the interest topic like writing, blogging, reading or anything related to your niche that can caught a fellow members to visit your site, but posting your link or advertising on the discussions are prohibited but you can try to redirect them to head on your profile and see it for themselves. 

Please visit my first payment and second payment from mylot to see some of my proof of payment. Not bad for just typing a few words on that site while getting bored browsing my computer.Tell me what are your thoughts about it? Is is worth of trying or just wasting my time? I am glad to know either bad or positive feedback about mylot.com!


  1. Wow! I'll try this soon. Thanks!

  2. I am a member in this thing before and I did not know if I receive payment...

    1. If you haven't log for almost 3 months then your payment are forfeited

  3. That's a real good news! Congrats on your payment! As for me, I got $12.40 for my very first earnings on mylot! It's such an achievement at masarap ishare. Hoping for more earnings!

    1. That's amazing Rona by the way I am airkulet there

  4. I've joined MyLot sometime in 2006. Been active for awhile but after a couple of months, no more. I can't find enough time to start and reply to conversations. But MyLot is fun! I've earned a few good friends there. :)

  5. congrats! great job again Air. hehe!

  6. Wow congrats :) Will try this soon :) Thank you for sharing :)

  7. Mylot is a legit site, I was one of the pioneer members several years back, and I earned 15USD in almost 2 months. It's a lot of hard work cuz the population before was so active posting meaningful discussions, and it was one of the few PTP sites everyone was a member of. The competition was daunting. Months after I got my first and last payment, I got fed up with the tasks and trolling/spamming newbies . That's when I started to blog about my online moneymaking. GPT programs 3-4 years ago were hot, but a waste of time. So, how many months did it take you to reach that amount?

    1. Like I say on my post I am not that active, I will participate in my spare time will reply if I feel too, besides earning I also gave task there which is more affordable than any Microworksdate, below is my history of payment
      Friday, April 13, 2012 $10.76
      Wednesday, December 14, 2011 $18.21
      Monday, November 14, 2011 $14.31

  8. I am earning on Mylot for over 3 years now and yes, it is a good site :-)

  9. yayyy for this.. I havent tried Mylot though.. I think its a time i should go try it



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