April 12, 2012

Chitika: Another Monetizing for your Blog

And so I put another script on my blog, and it is Chitika. Another Google Adsense alternative just like infolinks that can monetize any publisher or blogger for their blog. I actually sign up for this one a long time ago, but I just feel hopeless not to get paid from them, since I only blogging on and off before. But now I am trying my luck again since I am now devoting to update frequently this humble blog of mine

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What is Chitika?

Chitika displayed a targeted search, mobile and local ads that are suited for our audience's interest. Publisher or Blogger may earn from these ads through their publish works or blog post. Advertiser may join also and buy their ads from Chitika, but I will leave that thing and focus only for Publisher since many of us are aiming to earn a revenue from our website.

Advantages of Chitika from Google Adsense and Infolinks.

  • Referral. Unlike Google Adsense and Infolinks, Chitika offers a referral program that lets you earn 10% of their revenue from bloggers who sign up under you for a minimum of 15 months only. Though it wasn't a lifetime bonus from your under, at-least they are kind enough give a bonus for more than a year, if only you are lucky to have a referral under you.
  • Payment. Their cash out payments are lower than two advertising company, their minimum payment for Paypal is $10 only and $50 for check payments. While Google Adsense needs some time to be able to reach that $100 minimum payment and they are not connected to Paypal either, while Infolinks was a little lower than Adsense but still high for many of us blogger of $50 minimum payout.
  •  Compatibility. As you can see on this blog I run the three Ads of them so they are compatible to be together on any blog without violating any TOS by the three company. And if you also runs a nuffnang and worried to be kicked out from "Glitterati" status, don't worry I still have that status so probably it will not lose your status too.
  • They pay to use their maps. Start earning revenue to use their maps, a great way to alternative earning if your ads haven't generated a click from your viewer. Chitika Maps provides an opportunity for publishers to enjoy new revenue streams by opting to include ads within map units for local advertisers, helping to monetize websites.
Chitika map, online earning
For more info about Chitika, check out their site at chitika.com!

Disadvantages of Chitika!
The only advantages that I can think of Chitika is that their ads are not attractive to visits unlike Google Adsense who shows a targeted ads for your content and their ads are really attractive for viewers to click  than Chitika, who usually have lesser ads than these giant competitor.

Well let's see if these ads will stay on this blog and get monetize for me. Why not try also to sign up for Chitiks, since it is always free to join.


  1. it's my first time to hear this one, i have a hard time joining monetizing company because i haven't had the chance to earn from them, but this is worth trying though.

  2. me too, its my first time to heard this, must try :)

  3. It's something worth trying, just hope to monetize more from my blog. $10 minimum payout is good for all the bloggers out there.

  4. i've heard of Chitika.. thanks for the information on this..

  5. iI have an account with Chitika and I think it's been a year but I am not earning anything yet. :(

  6. Hello Air, I miss our chit chat. Anyway, I have this chitika before in my blog and removed it. Now I think again!



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