September 01, 2012

Microworkers Earning Online Review

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Earning online is quite popular these days besides writing there are other options that you could simply join to earn online. The problem is there are some glitch and imperfection about it. And not all could simply give you easy earn with easy task. Some pay on time and some not really pay at all after you work hard for them. And I suggest searching first which pays and which is just scam before joining. I join Microworkers long ago that I can't remember when I started working on it, although they are legit but you may think twice or thrice (I say never at all) before indulging yourself on that site because I don't recommend it as a good earning site.

What is Microworkers?
One of the earning online sites I join is Microworkers where anyone can join free, work and earn or offer a micro job.  Usually the job is voting for pictures, liking some page or clicking some buttons on other site. It’s actually a lot of task you can actually do online for other people. Even just watching video on YouTube was a task there. The payment for each task ranges from 10 cents up to 2 dollar depending on the task. The good thing about this site is their minimum payout of only $9. They actually a legit site to earn online, in fact I was already paid by them but will be my last payment also as I already leave that site.  

My Rant About it.
Usually in earning online what matters most is at least they pay. But for me if you are willing to join in this site you need a lot of patience and perseverance and a lot of waiting for the payout. The individual task needs the approval of the employer of each task, and once you don't meet their requirement you will obviously not paid. As for my experience not everyone there pay you enough or approve the work you have given to them. Sometimes the approval of each task takes time to almost a month for the amount of only ten cents which is for me is not fair to wait that much. And that is the risk that you need also to endure once you work in Microworkers. There will also some ratings regarding your work that some of the job task requires a higher rating to be entitled for the job. 

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About the payment.
Of course they pay, but they only pay in Payza account and they also takes some charges each time they pay, so don't expect the exact amount on your payout. And before your payment you need to wait the PIN through your mailing address in which it will take more time (depending on your country/territory) before you finally get paid in Microworkers.

 So will you still join in this site? Share your experience if you are already there!


  1. This is a nice way to have additional income especially of you are quite hooked on the net.

  2. this is one of those paying sites that i have joined when i started to venture onto the online earning opps. yes, all things you said were true, and after my first and last payout...i said GOODBYE :)

    g+ and rt this post, too :)

    helloooooo to u :)

  3. This is mmy 1st time reading about Microworkers.
    Thank you for sharing this mommy!

    So what are the good paying sites that you would recommend? ^◡^

    P.S. Followed you on G+ and Facebook too!

  4. For me is better , is like to microworkers, but new, renovate and more easy.

  5. Haven't heard of Microworkers until now. But I've tried those PTC (Paid To Click) sites once. Didn't work out for me as I don't have the patience and perseverance like you said. Haha.

  6. which currency is usesd in this microworker



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