April 26, 2013

Money: From Your Shelf To Your Pocket


You could have everything you need in your house to enable you to make more money without even knowing it. When it comes to trying to pad your bank account from the comfort of home, a little creativity can help you go a long way. Here are five ideas from how to transform your home into a moneymaking opportunity.

Try your hand at writing. Freelance writing can be a lucrative side job for those who know how to navigate the market. This is a part-time job better left to those who are willing to invest a little time in building contacts and a strong base of readers (especially if you’re considering blogging). But many people find that all you need to get started is a passion in a particular topic, not necessarily previous writing experience.

Sell everything you don’t want. It may sound like a rash move, but you can actually clear out some household clutter and make money at the same time by selling your junk. Clothing can be unloaded at a secondhand store, just like books. And when it comes to discs, such as old CDs and DVDs that you no longer have use for, you can sell them in bulk on a site like musicMagpie to make money off of them instead of having to post and auction them off, one disc at a time.

Use your creative side. Creative hobbies like baking, painting and even gardening may be a fun pastime for you, but they could also help you to supplement your primary income. If you’re a creative who loves to do these kinds of things, think of a way that you can package them and then sell them. Even if you only get family and friends to buy, this kind of “job” could be a viable moneymaker.

Become a transcriber. This opportunity falls under the same category as other side jobs that only require a home computer and strong internet connection, such as translator, graphic designer or editor. Transcribing usually involves you listening to an audio recording, such as an interview or business meeting, and typing out the conversation. What it lacks in interest, it makes up for in ease, and this is perfect for someone who doesn’t want a stressful side job along in addition to a full-time schedule.

Try telemarketing. Do you have a good telephone presence? It may not be something you’ve ever thought about before, but this skill could be your key to making money from home. To be a telemarketer, you’ll need a landline, an internet connection and lots of patience. But the perks of this job include the fact that you will most likely get to set your own schedule and work as much as you want.


  1. I'm trying out the baking bit. I am your newest follower! Follow back? =)


  2. Hello can you suggest to me where can I apply as a transcriber? I need a part-time job right now. Thank you.

  3. hi thea, i'm a medical transcriptionist. do you have a formal training/certification?

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