April 25, 2013

Stock Market Continue to rise up @ 7K+

After two months of venturing in the stock market as a newbie I am glad that I survive it. I believe that learning from the experience is a great teacher that’s why I risk my earnings from blogging to invest in the stock market. I don’t know why I am confident in the stock market maybe because of Bro. Bo’sTruly Rich Club or maybe because many individual and groups are trying to help and encourage every Filipino to invest in the Market. According to expert only 1 percent of the population are engaging into investing while many are still believing that the market is a dangerous place to dive in and many still think that putting money in the bank is a lot safer than investing.

As of now I am still a newbie in the field but I am glad that I already earned 7k++ in just a short time. Right now I am always read, watch and still learning from other experience to enhance my knowledge in the stock market, but I have a very sad news to share: many people that I encourage to invest in the stock market only think that I will be profited from them and not only one that shows interest in the topic and so I just stop to share (personally) the knowledge of growing money.

But for those who are interested to learn more, you can join the group that I belong and you will certainly learn a lot from many members and admins that are willing to help without asking for a fee. Go ahead and join Investing in the Philippines Stock Market: Tips and Tricks and for a peak of what’s waiting for you in the group: below is the recommended stock for you to buy in the stock market from the financially expert panel of admin in the group.


Check out also my articles about Things to Consider in investing in the Stock Market and do not forget to join the group and start growing your money that you wont need for the next 5 to 10 years.

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