May 30, 2013

SEC Advisory for 7 Companies Turn out to be Investment Scam

Everyone want to invest and everyone want a quick rich process and this is the very reason why many still falls into the hand of scam company that promises too good to be true return for their hard earned money.

No one can blame you but if you detect early that something is wrong with the company you join in, get out early and take your money or your initial investment. Usually company turns out to be scam if they required a huge amount of payment before becoming a member and then you need to recruit someone for commission or profit. 

Below is the list of company that tagged to be an investment scam according to Security and Exchange Commission, if you already a member take your profit sooner and tell your friends to do the same

  • 1 Riders Power Team, Inc.
  • Ok’s Global Wellness, Inc.
  • Cardlinks Teleconn Insurance Agency Inc.
  • Evergreen Company
  • Profit Clicking/ JSS-Tripler / JustBeenPaid
  • Finance Global Marketing Services/ Finansia Global Marketing Services
  • Unknown Company in Marinduque

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