June 01, 2013

Cash Dividends from Jollibee Food Corporation


Last time, I received cash dividends from Jollibee, because I held some shares of them before the ex-date. Actually I should have received more but because I made some mistakes in investing, I only got 40 shares to be entitled for dividends.

Right now I had 80 shares which I added 40 shares this week when the market is down and its current price is on sale.

In stock you can control when to sell and when to buy. The first time that I bought Jollibee or JFC in its ticker, the price is around 100 pesos per share. I accumulate 120 shares and sell it when the price became 126 pesos per share. That time was only in March 2013 and I haven’t reached the ex-date of May 2 and I lost the opportunity for their dividends.

Now that I have some JFC again I will never sell it until it gains 100 % or double its value when I bought it, and I plan to continue to buy it and do cost averaging for this stock since I notice that its price never stay low but continually rising up, slowly but surely. 

According to my own observation with this company, they will still be stable even after I die or became a grandparent. Have you seen a Jollibee branch that has no costumer or it flops, I guess none.


  1. No, I haven't seen a Jollibee without customers. Most of the time, they are jam-packed! I am curious how you buy shares from them or how you do it in general. I have no idea in cash dividends or shares. I hope you can share it with me :)

    Thank you.

  2. hi Lisa Q. you need to find a reputable broker and apply online then buy shares accumulate as long as you can, visit www.colfinancial.com that's my broker and once you set up your account you can buy prefered stocks you want like Jolibee, Ayala, Meralco, BDO, BPI and so on

  3. Thank you Chris! I'm checking your brokers website, now. I guess, one of these days, I have to attend a seminar because I have no experience on this and I don't have any idea on how much to invest. Usually, I've heard invest a lot. I hope this is "pang masa" muna for me to learn. As to PLDT shares, I'll message you.



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