August 11, 2013

Starting a Business with Low Capital

Here in our country, starting up a small business is very easy but only few who remains and stay for a longer time. Usually those who opens up a store will only lasts with less than a year and will close in just a short time because of so many reasons like: losing the original capital and spend it for other necessity or neighbors in the same location copy the same business idea or get bored with low and slow return of investment. Starting a business is like planting a tree it will take more time before you can reap some fruits.

Below are some of the businesses with low capital you can start at home
  • Retailer store – With a capital of only Php 5,000 to Php 25,000, you can start selling anything under the sun like soft drinks, junk foods, candies, cigarette, etc. But you need to remember that retailer store only works with a populated neighbors and income is not very high unless you sell in a high volume of items.
  • E-loading business- this business can start with Php 1,000 – Php 5,000 only and you can choose whether from a big dealer of independent seller of load or thrugh individual simcard of Network. Both have the same advantages and dis-advantages but any of the two is both profitable since most people prepare prepaid loading than postpaid.
  • Piso Net or computer rental – capital may be high from Php 30,000 to Php 45,000 per complete unit of box. It needs also a good location of neighbors where the population of children is high plus it needs maintenance for repair.

Anything is possible especially if one wanted to augment the current income of the family, everything is hard from beginning and even slower but overtime everything will be paid off with a success, just like my auntie who started a small retail store a long time ago and became one of the biggest wholesaler in our place.

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