August 02, 2013

Tips for Preventing Shop Lifting in Your Retail Shop


Theft prevention is on the mind of every retail shop owner, whether you sell bicycles or nuts and bolts of every size and type. No matter what area of the country or city you set up shop in, there will always be people looking to get away with stealing. Thieves can range from the cunning, skillful sort who forwent their morality long ago and shoplift for a living to young and inexperienced pre-teens with good hearts who are just trying to see what the world will let them get away with. Either way, the art of theft prevention is worth exploring to thoroughly protect your business. A professional shop fiter like can help you layout your store in a manner that will discourage shop lifters. Here we will discuss tips for preventing shop lifting in your store:


1. Install security Cameras or the illusion of security cameras

True security cameras are the obvious go-to, but the truth is that maintaining and manning them is not affordable time and money-wise for a lot of shop owners. Instead, consider installing the tinted domes that are meant to hide the direction in which the cameras are facing. Customers will look up and see these camera covers and assume they are being watched.


2. Post signs that state that no cash is held on the premises after hours.

Post these signs and deposit any cash directly after closing to discourage thieves from breaking in at night to steal from a full cash register.


3. Invest the best locking system and alarm system that you can.

While steel bars to cover windows and storefronts after hours look foreboding and are only visually appropriate in some urban areas, a good, strong industrial strength door with a heavy double-locking mechanism does the trick. A motion-detection alarm system that contacts authorities should movement on the premises be detected can serve as your watch dog after hours.


4. Interact with every customer that walks in.

While this is also done in politeness and genuine desire to help and offer the best service, it is also the way to let each "customer" know that staff is aware of his presence and tracking his movements within your store. Being simply asked "May I help you?" is often enough to deter people from believing they can get away with leaving without paying.


5. Purchase appropriate locking display cases or locking devices for items that have high likelihood of theft.

Display cases are not just for expensive jewelry. Handmade ceramic pieces and other unique art pieces ought to be presented and protected equally well. Leather jackets are locked to their clothing racks and CD's come locked. Clothing should have anti-theft devices placed on it that are removable only at the cash register.

Protecting the goods in your retail shop as shoppers come in and out throughout the day is as important to the health of your business as promotion and marketing. Being cautious and realistic without being paranoid of being taken advantage of is the key to maintaining your sanity and ability to enjoy offering your goods and services to your community.

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