December 05, 2013

How to Lessen Electric Bill


After so many disasters that we experience recently leaving us so many structures and establishment down not to mention the many lives that we lost during devastation, we are now facing the consequences of its result, an increase rate on our electricity bill. Just after the cut-off reading of these electric companies their office were also bombarded by too much complaint of consumers, most of them now have doubled and even tripled the total amount of their usual bill.  

Actually I expect this to happen because these companies will surely charge us the damage that the nature destroyed their power plant and posts. They usually collect the money from their consumer to recover the expenses for the repair and rebuilding of posts. I don’t know if it is right or wrong but it actually put a dent to my budget that need to readjust again for the new rate of electric bill.

To lessen my electric bill I still used the V3 power saver I purchased at the Handyman, it is somehow effective in our home while all my neighbors have tripled and quadruple on their bill, mine just increase almost double from last month’s bill. 

You should also unplugged all the appliances at home even in their off status, these appliances consumes little watts that overtime it can give impact on the bill.

Upgrade your old appliances since new model has a higher efficiency rating which believe to consume low in electricity. 

At the end of the day, no one can escape from the price hike of electricity unless you never turn on any of it.

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