December 10, 2013

Tips to Use Your Christmas Bonus Wisely

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Some of you have already received the Christmas bonus and every year this extra money quickly slips on our hands unconsciously. Without proper planning on how to spend this bonus, many of us buy things quickly. By just roaming around the mall while window shopping knowing that you had money in your pocket and just giving in some gratification to all your hard work you’ve done in the past, enough for you to give some reason to spend and buy things that you want. 

Stop, maybe this year you need to change this bad habit and plan wisely your Christmas bonus. We only received bonus once a year and we need to carefully plan on how we will spend this money.


Pay your debt while you had extra money.

Especially if this debt incurred interest every month which add to the burden of your principal debt. How much money can you save if you cut this interest, and have a peaceful mind not to worry about your debt and its interest?


Buy inexpensive gifts.

Some people I know never buy gifts for their godchildren, instead they give small bill which is least expensive than buying toys and things to be given away this Holiday.


Avoid too much partying.

Attend only a Christmas party from your work or company. Excessive party means you need to spend more for clothes or shoes, fare and gifts.


Celebrate Christmas with least or enough food.

Every year I have seen every home with too much food to celebrate Christmas with Noche Buena, oftentimes some food turned to spoil because of limited member or guest to consume it. My neighbors will give food also whether we like it or not, I’m pretty sure you experience it too, so why prepare too many foods when it keeps on coming from the sky.


Delay some gratification from your own bonus.

Normally some young professionals plan to buy gadget when bonus comes but if you delay buying it some things will happen along the way like you may forget it or the price will be lowered right after the holiday.


Invest and save.

After planning your budget wisely, you will surprise that you got extra money from the list, why not invest these excess money in the vehicles like mutual funds, stock market and other trust fund.


  1. Nice tips. What I like most is "to celebrate Christmas with the least or enough food", Everybody should do this to prevent food spoilage. Let us all remember that some of the people who are affected by the Typhoon not have food on their table.

    1. you are right, and maybe I should include a tip to give donation too with a fraction of our bonus



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