December 16, 2013

PostJoint: My Review and Experience


In the world of blogosphere it’s no secret that one can earn from their blog either with the use of advertisement or by sponsorship. Earning in blog can be done in many ways and one of them is to find an agent or company that connects you to the clients and advertisers. One of the opportunities that open me up to earn in blogging is PostJoint, a website that offers article to publish in your blog or site with corresponding payment, known also as guest post.

My experience in PostJoint

At first try in PostJoint I was upset because it looks like no one will accept my bid either to lower it or to maximize my asking price. And it seems advertisers in PostJoint don’t accept any of the blogger’s bid from my colleague too and I am almost at the edge of giving up thinking it’s just a waste of time. I also think that the site was just a show only and no real opportunity to offer to their publishers.

But I still gave another try and told myself that it will be the last and I’ll remove myself from their email notification and bid goodbye to PostJoint. Glad that I used my last hope because it was the beginning of my blog’s making money in PostJoint, advertisers somehow notice my blog and accepted my offer to post their articles. The payment will be given immediately though sometimes I wait 24 hours before it land on my PayPal account.

Some Flaws in PostJoint

PostJoint use a credit system before you can post your task from your client which has a cost. But don’t worry according to them they are not deducted until you have been paid for them, meaning you only pay on results. All new users will have 10 free credits and as soon that you’ve used it all you need to buy credits from them which are the flaw I view it.

Not only that, Paypal also charge the payment of PostJoint so don’t expect a full payment from the clients. For example if you close a deal of $30, this will only become $28.38 on your account, but since you need to pay a credit costing $3, you will only end up with a profit of $25.38

Below is the bracket of credits you can buy, the more you buy, the more you can get discounts per credit.


 The credits have no expiry date and you can use it anytime. One credit is used for each asking price of $25, so if you've been paid $100, you'll need 4 credits to publish the post. PostJoint round downwards, and if you've been paid $90, it'll cost 3 credits.

Some good news

You can earn free credits if you can successfully refer another publisher or blogger to the site, and don’t forget to sign up with me. (wink!)

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