January 03, 2014

Money Saving Ideas This Year 2014

Credits to the owner of picture
I happen to see a certain post from Kuripot Pinay about money saving goal this year. I know how to save money and in fact it’s my advocacy to spread awareness about the importance of saving money especially to our Kababayan who often find themselves lost with their financial and getting troubles with their accumulated debt. In short I am also frugal and love to save and invest money. I also manage to make my money work for me by lending it to other people but with interest in return.

But her way of saving money is very clever and more motivating. The idea is to put a jar with a note of 52 weeks challenge to save each week as schedule. So every week she will put a certain compounding amount until the end of the week for things that she like whether gadget, mobile, a down payment for a car or house. And at the end of this 52 week challenge which will falls to last day of December 2014 the amount will become Php 68,900 that is if you never miss to put money each week.

Check out her 52 week challenge version of money savings, and maybe you too can imitate and do this challenge too which you can use for business, investments or things you like


Looks exciting right? Will you be willing to save too?

Credits to: Kuripot Pinay and  Life as You Live it


  1. hmmm.. that sounds a great idea, however, i'm not sure i if i could continue. i might get stuck at P150, lol!



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