January 23, 2014

BDO Junior Savers Account

My husband and I decided to open an account for our son. We thought that it will help him educate the importance of saving money for future use.

We choose the bank of BDO with product of Junior Savers because of its easy access at malls that opens even in weekend. For convenience sake, so that my son won’t have to absent in school just to deposit his savings to see and learn how to do it himself at the bank. By the way this account is for 12 years old and below only.


Actually it took us three attempts to open this account for our son because of undefined requirements by the teller which do not specify in their website and you can’t also access their telephone numbers for inquiries.

So if you want to open a BDO Junior Savers account for your children, be sure to bring the following and skip the trouble we go through:

1.      NSO Birth Certificate of your child (original)
2.       2 pieces of 1 x 1 picture of your child
3.       School ID of your child
4.       School Registration
5.       Cash initial deposit of Php 500


Spread this post so you can encourage other parents and let their children learn the importance of savings. Happy savings to all!


  1. Hi,

    I suggest you teach your son the importance of Investing rather than saving. My parents taught me how to save money when I was in High School was able to buy a Cellphone worth 20k when I graduated High School. When I was in College, My Business professors taught me how to invest my money and with that I was able to buy a BMW when I finished college. I hope my parents were able to teach me the value of investing early on. I would have made more if I invested at the time.

    Wishing you all the best.

  2. you must be one of the wealthy person now congratulations, and yes we are getting there thanks for the advice but I want him to learn first the basic of saving first and invest the money he accumulated for that savings, just step by step, glad that many of us now are aware of investing unlike before....

    1. correct mam...if you want to become rich follow the step by step, save first, second invest..then repeat..



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