February 23, 2014

My Experience in Freelancing

After my resignation from the corporate job I already saw that the internet is the next big thing in the Philippines; seeing internet café keeps on emerging on every street and in any place you go. And that was the time that I also joined the bandwagon and put up my own internet café. Business is good in the beginning but because many also see this as a lucrative business the industry became crowded and competitive by numerous computer shops here there and everywhere. This is the time that my once booming business is now turning into dim and feared to close that I need to find a new strategy to earn money and shoulder our expenses.

I knew that my business will soon be closing but before that I started to search and learn a few things with freelancing. This is also the right time that I met a few bloggers who teach me to start a blog and began writing. Meeting from friends of friends is spontaneous and day by day I learn anything that earns money from the internet. I did everything from small time earning of paid to click to microjobs that pay little to do some task for them.  And oftentimes I end up getting scammed by various people who take advantage of my weakness and desperation to earn money.

My bad experiences in freelancing never stop me to continue what I do online. My shop is already closed but I still continually write and post on my blogs. I bravely took the task to write for other bloggers for their blog who are overwhelmed with their dues which help me more to hone and sharpen my experience in writing. I find writing and blogging fun and it started to pay my excess expenses and even paid my monthly bills at home, if it’s a lucky day I can even buy a grocery for the whole week or buy a dress that I wanted.

More and more people I met online and even acquainted to a big time bloggers that earn in Adsense. I thought that my earnings online is already good but those guys even bought a new house and lot or cars out of their earnings in blogging. This inspires me to try my luck with Adsense where every bloggers are aware of.  But because I am no SEO geek, earning in adsense is so small that I try another means of earning in writing and blogging.

I learned to apply my blogs with any vehicles of making money on blog like SocialSpark, Ads in Nuffnang, Sponsored Reviews, Payu2blog, Link Vehicle and Postjoint. Earning with these SEO managers is good but I also experienced to be contacted by various marketers and agents to do some review for them or to put their link in one of my post which is much easier income in blog.

Earning in the comfort of my home is rewarding and stress free. Who needs to travel everyday just for work when I can just turn on my laptop at home? Today, Freelancing in the Philippines is the next big thing and I can say that this will survive our economy and lessen the growing unemployed in the country.

Note: I made this article for Odesk employer as a sample work (yet it is my true experience) but it looks like I am scammed again so I decided to post it in this blog. So if you see similar written article on blogs, website or ebook please Flag it or report it to me. Thank you!

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  1. Inspirational! Yes this is a very difficult niche to get anything out of it. We have to stick together. One freelancer alone by himself can't make it in this biz. Wonderful post!



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