April 19, 2014

Back in Bubblews Again

Hi guys some of you may know that my account in Bubblews got deleted but guess what, I rejoined again and started my way in writing and creating articles for them. I had to admit that in this World Wide Web Bubblews is the easiest way to earn money online. I created a new account and earn my first redemption last April 2 and echeck came in April 7 then in April 9 it was already credited in my PayPal account.

Is it okay to create again an account in Bubblews

If you are searching for the answer in the question of “Can I create again a new account in Bubblews after it was deleted?” My answer is YES, but before that I risk my own time to confirm it myself and that is working with them without the assurance of getting paid. And I am glad I take that risk.

By joining again in Bubblews I began to learn more of the answers in some of the common queries in the site like:

Why am I still not getting paid by bubblews? 
There are actually a lot of factors why you are not getting paid in the site aside from the common violations, which you can read in “The Bank” section.

Check all your articles maybe it is violating their TOU (Terms of Use) which you can’t find at the Bank Section but located below the page of the site. It’s a very long to read but it’s worthy of your time and your account to get familiar on their rules. If you find one do yourself a favor delete that article, just remember that once you deleted your post all the earnings from that article before will be deducted in your account.

If you feel you don’t break any rules for whatever reason and still haven’t paid you can ask them to delete your account and start a new one but this time follow all the rules and be strict.

I also believe that some members are redeeming with no written articles for that redemption, chances are you wont paid for that.

I want to share this awesome earning site to my hubby, or husband, or wife is it okay if they join too? Yes, according to BubblewsSupport2 they can join up to two users in one household.

If one can rejoin again in bubblews then why they deleted users, wouldn't be convenient if they just get spared or banned at a certain period only?
According to other members they believe that the punishment only is to delete your entire article. Because it was continually earning at some time and the member is still benefiting from his old articles. Creating a new one is a struggle process because when you are newbie you earn less than the older member and this will serves as a lesson to the member who violated rules.

Can I use the same PayPal as a payment from my deleted account?
I haven’t tried this one because I borrow a friend’s paypal address that I trust dearly, but a friend of mine who is using a second account said he still using the same Paypal address for payment. But to be sure you may want to follow what I did.

How many posts to reach that $50 and click the redeem button?
The lowest I have know is 17 articles only, while others can go as much articles as 40 – 70 articles per redemption. I published 40 articles for my first redemption probably because I am newbie and have only few connections. My second redemption has 30 articles only and this time my connection is already 1000. It is still up to the member how many articles to get before redemption but engaging to other members is highly recommended to redeem with less articles.

How much a regular active member earned in a month?
The highest I have read is more than $225 in a month. In my experience I think I can earn $150, my account is still new and hasn't reach a month since I joined, I’ll let you know then.



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