April 02, 2014

The Pinch Principles

Did you know about the “Pinch Principle” known also by Vic and Avelynn Garcia as the “Kurot principle” which can be found and read in their bestselling book “Kontento ka na ba sa kaperahan mo?” I really love this book and so my son too who is only 10 years old. He actually learned there the kurot or pinch principle in the book and I think he can manage his money very well when he grows up, thanks to the author of this book because now my son is very wise in spending. 

Anyway, the kurot (pinch) principle is like taking a small portion from our savings. For example if someone wanted to buy a cell phone for Php 1,000 and he has already saved Php 100,000. Of course, he can buy the cell phone and will be left with Php 99,000 the remaining money is still a lot for that person and will be able to get it back by earning money probably from allowance, work or sideline. This spending habit is called kurot principle. While another person who has Php 1,000 and wanted to buy cell phone worth Php 1,000, too that habit are called dakot or handful (actually not sure in English translation).

 So before you spend your money, you may want to check first your savings to know if you can already pinch from it and buy what you want like Smartphone, dress, watch, jewelries, accessories, books or undies or lingerie. And speaking of lingerie, my cousin is asking me where to buy lingerie which she need to give as a present to her special friend who will celebrating bridal shower next week. I actually told her if the money she will spend for that is a pinch or a handful. She just rolled her eyes and laugh at me, I guessed she never understood what I mean.

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