December 03, 2011

Christmas Time Again

Once again the most awaited season that everybody is looking for is here, it's Christmas time. But to tell you the truth whenever you are growing up the excitement about it are also decreases. Or is it only just me. Last year as the seasons are approaching some tragic happened to our family (see details). So I hope that you forgive me if I am not so excited about it.

But it is never for a child, Christmas for them is a very important event. They feel that this is their time to feel happy and receives gifts and some money from their grandparents and relatives. My son is the one who initiated us to set up our Christmas tree. I actually don't like the idea because I know that our Christmas tree was broken in its stand. So I just keep on promising that I will set it up later.
Mom fixed the broken Christmas tree
My mom who always love his grandson did some fixes to the broken tree by putting it in a box that serves as a stand as nobody wants to buy new tree and accessories and wrapped with wrapping paper. And so we had our Christmas tree and my son was happy about it.


  1. Still, Christmas is for everyone regardless of age, and surely will put a SMILE to those who remembers it.

    Happy Christmas!

  2. You are right,Christmas is for everyone who believe in the spirit of Christmas

  3. Christmas is for children .they waited a year just to get their presents under the christmas tree on christmas day.



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