December 17, 2011

My Earning Experience Entry

Today was really a busy day to me; fixing 2 different pc at a different place is a challenging task but sad cause I actually don't prefer one to post for the day on my blogs, I usually scheduled some post so that I can fill the days even if I am busy for a particular day.

Luckily I saw the post of a fellow blogger in forum of Adgitize inviting everyone to join her contest and win 1 month blog advertisement on Adgitize.Com, the requirement are pretty simple just post 150 words stating your experience in earning from home, for more info about this contest as I know you will also be interested to join too, please go here!

This is my entry to Stay at Home Blessings Adgitize Ad giveaway. Join and win one month blog advertising on her sidebar plus 1 year domain name: Actually I am currently earning through my offline business but earning online is a different story for me, not only that I could earn a little I also earn some friendships and knowledge online. I have 3 blogs that I constantly updated since I am part of the advertisers in adgitize, I make sure that any one of them will be updated everyday or else I couldn't get back my investment on that site. Although it is updated now I hardly get some opportunities from some advertisers to put post on my blogs and I only earn by being active and not by passive.

Recently I join in mylot and mypage5 which gives me a cents everyday that I actually uses in advertising my blogs.  Diligence and perseverance are keeps me going in earning through my convenient room. One of the reason also of doing this is my passion to keep on reading and researching for something. I always believe that every questions and problems we encounter in everyday living can now be found on net. 


  1. These are cool earning opps.! Thanks. Di pa ako nagkakafunds sa Adgitize. Hehe. Try ko nga ulit bisitahin.


  2. Hi air. I have joined MyLot before but didn't pursue because I can't get paid via Paypal in my country of residence before. I also have not taken a look at mypage5. Thanks for sharing about these online opportunities.

    Thanks for joining my blog's contest. You were super fast. Could you just please edit the text required in your blog post? I have edited the mechanics in my giveaway post to make the requirement clearer.

    Have a nice day!

  3. Thanks for clearing it up I did edit it already.

    @clint you should try it wort of your investment

  4. I will join this giveaway soon was invited by the host anyway, good luck for this one =)
    You can accept paid to post tasks to increase your earnings.

  5. i haven't used these yet to make money online. honestly, I don't understand adgitize but I haven't really tried to use it.

    thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks mona
    @Mom Daugther Style yo should try it too, I don't understand it either on my first join inadgitize but now I know how it works

  7. Wow thanks for sharing. Will try it out soon :)
    Following from wbfc.



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