May 22, 2012

Warning: You Won $150 USD

warning sign, warning logo, JSS

Hi, this is just a quick post! If you became a member of JSS especially to all newbies including me, and you received a mail that looks like below and the sender name is JustBeenPaid please do not attempt to click on the link, it is obviously a spam mail and you never know what might happen in your account after doing so. Just remind you also that if JSS really want to sent you a mail they will definitely address you by your first name. And to add it up not everyone have an account in Liberty Reserve so how come that we won a $150 and we need to pay the fee of 50 cents where they can just deduct if so.

This is the spam mail looks like:


Just Been Paid gives random cash prizes.

Today, we selected your account as the one of 10 top winners accounts who will get cash prizes from us.

YOU WON $150 LR !

Claim your prize following the direct link:

Pay a 0.50$ fees, so we will know that your LR account is still alive.

After the payment you will recive instantly the 150 usd in your LR account.

Best Regards,

JustBeenPaid Finance Department

Just delete it on your mail!


  1. Thanks for the warning. There really are so many scammers online, that we should be discerning when it comes to screening them.



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