September 17, 2012

My Farewell to MyPage5

mypage5 payment
My payment from Mypage5

After receiving my payment from MyPage5 last month I bid to say goodbye to this site and I promise not to come back again.  Like other woes in earning online I am not satisfied by the way they pay their members who is toiling a hard work in their site. Their minimum payment of $25 dollar is not always true because they often paid their members with only less than the amount of $20 which is kind of frustrating when you expected to receive $25 in your PayPal account.

My experience at MyPage5.
In the image you see above you can see that I only received $15 dollar when in fact I reached more than $25 on my MyPage5 account. Another rant of mine is I actually waited 2 long months for that low payment. And during the times that I am waiting for my payment I patiently work there while waiting for my fruit of hard work including posting some blogs, commenting on other blog and video, and even get socialized to other member who are base outside the country. I actually left with them my account reaching at $15 dollars already but not thinking twice to leave so sudden because of my bad experience with their payment.

My verdict at MyPage5.
If only payment is on time and they pay in exact amount that I earn maybe I can endured it and persevere to work in there, but because of almost 50 percent deduction I don’t think I can stay and feel sorry for their low payment.

How about you, any woes and rant from their payment? Please share your story!


  1. Hi sis! I used to be active in MP, too. I quit because of its slow loading time. I find it more profitable to write in publishing sites.

    1. reallyy sis how is your experience when it comes to payment

  2. This is not good, because it is hard to earn on that site. thinking of the effort and time you spent there.



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