September 30, 2012

PickyDomains to Earn Online

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I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz with Picky Domains lately as they said that you can actually earn a little money by just helping a client there to choose a name or slogan for their website. So I didn't hesitate to join since it’s free and I might get lucky if one out of my ten ideas get chosen and be paid.
How to Earn in PickyDomains?
Earning in PickyDomains is as easy as how you come up with a great idea. If your writing is your forte and ideas on your mind are spontaneous then you are free to join and start your luck in All you have to do is think of a domain name and/or slogan that would best describe a particular website, something that client may like it and use for his website. But be aware that PickyDomains has a lot of members too providing also a good idea for a name or description of the client’s website.  The more it was unique, concise and original and is easy to remember it, is the better for you to be chosen and get paid by PickyDomains.
On My Experience.
Let me share to you how was my experience at Picky.
And so I log-in and I’ve done a few ideas submitted to the client (hopefully will get a response immediately) and because I was new and haven’t had any rank or position for premium orders which will pay you from $40 to flat $100,  I ended up for available orders that fall mostly from $20 to $30 dollar per order, but I think its good enough to start earning online by just a few ideas.
Some of the suggestions that I gave are like, and which only ask for their domain names or naming only their website and I just finish it with ease of only one minute each. I actually choose the category of naming a websites only just for the start and trials.
Below are some of the completed orders that the client is satisfied with the suggestions of the members of PickyDomains:
If you’re into earning online and writing or creating ideas is your main skills, then you are perfectly fit to work with, where your ideas could turned into dollars after you come up with a brilliant idea and was chosen by the client. Whereas if you are just starting to set up a business online and you don’t have any idea to come up with a perfect domain and slogan for your site then worry no more because PickyDomain will let it handle for you.
How will we get Paid?
As of now PickyDomains pay only through Paypal, if you haven’t had any then start making one. If your ideas are chosen the payment will received within 72 hours prior from selecting your suggestion.
Will update this post as soon as my ideas get rejected or get paid, wish me luck!


  1. Yes, experience is the best teacher and i love the secret u expose on how to earn online here.

  2. Some might have bulk ideas. But unable to make bucks without this type of opportunities. This is a good way if it works, because for ideas you just need your brain and experiance.

  3. Yes, i would love to join in this site, too. keeping my fingers crossed that i'll get accepted, too.

  4. This is a great way to monetize your ideas and develop a great market for those thoughts via picky domain.

  5. is that not the scam one, no?
    have they really paid u on accepting yr suggestions/domain names..?
    pl advise me about this , i may do this if it is the genuine one..



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