October 13, 2012

CloudCrowd: Earn Through FaceBook App

Image Source: crowdsortium.org
If you are a fan of FaceBook (or addictive) might you like the idea that there is a way you can earn through that site, sounds good news right, where you can enjoy browsing some status from your friends while working on another tab with CloudCrowd, anytime you want and anytime of the day.

CloudCrowd is an application on FaceBook where one can work and earn online; it uses an app and pays you after your work get approved on the next business day straight right to your Paypal account.

As far as I know they are a legit site to earn online doing a little task you could do on the web like translating, correcting a paragraph, writing and researching. Although it is not a get rich scheme site and pays only from 4 cents to $2 dollar or more depending on the member's level , Cloudcrowd is for everyone that wanted to earn extra money at home. The amount paid per task varies based on the complexity of each task.

If you want to work in CloudCrowd, you must have a FaceBook account and a PayPal account. The payment doesn't need some threshold withdrawal or minimum amount to be paid; you will get paid with what you've already earned. Same also with the one who referred you, and if you’re lucky enough to have more referral in CloudCrowd you will also gain commission from their work. 

If you were good in English then working in Cloudcrowd is easy as socializing in Facebook. Go ahead and registered an account today where you can easily figured out how itworks in Cloudcrowd.

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