October 25, 2012

Tips to Save Money this Halloween

halloween, save money

Halloween is fun, in fact our children have waited long for this event to happen just to show off their spooky and creepy costume and have fun with the activities of Halloween like: to party, eat, dance, scare and collect their candies. And of course Halloween event cost a fortune and many also skips to join this frightening yet exciting Halloween party (and that was sad). But with a proper management, creativity and budgeting to prepare the coming of Halloween you wouldn't think twice anymore to fulfill and celebrate Halloween, awooooh.

halloween, diy costume


  • If you know how to do it yourself, then why not and unleash that inner Martha at yourself. Sometimes the one that you made is the one who stands them all and this won’t cost you that much. Get that oldie dress from your grandparents and splashed it with red paint, ripped some and add some dirty looks like soil or coal and voila you got yourself a spooky and funky zombie outfit.
  • If you don’t know how to make your own costume then it’s time for you to shop early and scouts for the best and affordable Halloween costume either online or offline store.
  • Swap your old costume to other fellow so that both of you looks like had a new pair of costume after all what’s important with this occasion is to have a get-up, and believe me no one will notice if one is wearing old or new costume, this is Halloween; the more messier  you are is the better.
halloween, diy candies


  • Any candy will do and this means you can buy cheap candies over expensive and branded one. Try to buy also in bulk because you can save more or have discounts when you buy more candies at once.
  • When buying a candy make sure that the one you buy has an individual wrapper on it like lollipop, halls and other so that when the candies were running out you can minimize the candy to give during trick or treat.
  • If you already bought candies that already in their pouches like m&m chocolate candy well you can try to repack it for a certain piece, like 5 to 10 pieces each packaging.
  • Usually a cheap candy comes in bold and without wrapper but I have a solution for that, you can wrap it in a colorful candy wrapper and it will look expensive and attractive to the little trick or treaters.
halloween, diy decorations


In decorating for Halloween you don’t need to spend a lot just to give a goofy revamp for your front yard. Stash some white clothing and put a hanging like ghost under your tree. You can also create a scarecrow which is easier to set up to scare those trick or treaters or create a little cemetery with a simple candle on it.

Some store has a simple and cheap jack-o-lantern and you can use it overtime, and you don’t need to purchase again in the next Halloween season.

Of course the best way to save on Halloween items is by starting really, really early and prepares some props in ahead of time. After the Halloween some of the expensive material for Halloween will be offer for a cheaper price and this is the best time to grab them and stored it for the next Halloween.


  1. We just had our trick or treat event here in our village a couple of days ago. We bought candies and sweets for only PHP 500 for 50 children and its all worth it :)

    1. that's great but I can also maximize it up to 100 children so thrifty



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