December 27, 2012

My First Redeemed at Bubblews

Bubblews earningAfter achieving $25 dollars in Bubblews you can already redeemed your earnings at your prefer payment system either in Paypal or via Check. This site is actually too good to be true because of all earning sites I've joined this is the fastest and quickest way to earn money in the internet.

By the way Bubblews is a sharing revenue website while they are earning from their members and advertisers they split the half and distributed to the members according with their results.

How to earn in Bubblews?
When you write an article and submit it to their server, some visitors may visit with your post and you earn already by the traffic it made, same as social sharing of the post like clicking the “like or unlike” button or if someone commented at your post whether good or bad feedback.

My Experience at Bubblews

I joined in this site somewhere in November and received my first ever payment from them last December 19, 2012. Actually I have feared that I won’t get paid because a lot of members have rant that they never receive their first payment and some members complained that they didn’t receive any at all. But lucky me, I didn’t experience delayed or non-payment from them and I only waited 3 days after my first redemption.

Some Things to Remember while working with Bubblews.

 -Do not submit more than 10 posts per day
 -Plagiarizing or copy pasted from other website is strictly prohibited
 -Engaging in Traffic Exchange and Traffic Purchasing Websites for your posts to boost income is a no no...
 -Utilizing IP manipulation software

Why Bubblews is down with other country?

Certain regions from around the globe where Bubblews have intense traffic (especially in Philippines) are still offline while they make some changes with the system. But according to the Bubblews Team they have not banned or blocked anyone from the site, they just do this to ensure that the site will work properly without interruption, all posts, points, etc are still intact. 

Some tips in earning in Bubblews

-Write only original articles; don’t be fooled by the fact that the more articles you have the more earnings you will get. Actually my recommendation is every 3 hours so that the articles will have a greater exposure from other members who have connected to you in Bubblew. I only had a few articles in bubblews and I only share it every day through Twitter and FB page, social network has help me earn more in Bubblews.

-Do not spam other post, comment only with what you know in their post and avoid commenting “nice post”, “great post”. I always visit other member’s work and I try to read each paragraph so I can comment what I know with the post. And some members appreciates what I do because they come back also with my post trying to comment or liked in my post.

-Fill in your account with your true identity so that Bubblews know you are a serious member that deserves payment, post also your true picture. They are our boss so they deserve to know each one of us while throwing some part of their income to us.

-Once you get banned do not join again because they record every IP address of their member, chances is you will get banned again. So you have to be careful with your account be wise and use the Bubblews earning program properly.


  1. Wow! A 25USD earning within a month sounds nice!

  2. Nice. I'd like to give this a try. :)



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