September 18, 2013

How to Start a Cupcake Business


I guess everyone loves sweet specifically cupcake and it is now becoming popular these days since each cupcake can be a great craft to showcase your talent in designing and styling. And if you are looking to start a cupcake business since you know how to bake and make one, well push your luck because this business is a good one to start with a very small capital yet gives a good profitable income.

Plan it.
You need to determine where you can market your cupcake whether through online or offline. You also need to consider where to get the recipes for your baking materials. And if you only hire someone to make the cupcake for you then maybe it’s time to learn the basic in baking to save on the costs, it is better that everything was handmade by you since you are just starting with this kind of venture to test also if the business will boom or flop. There is no need to hire another staff to help you in the business all you need is a time management and a well plan business.

Presentation is the eye candy for your cupcake business since the taste cannot be comparable from other cupcake so that your masterpiece will stand out from other cupcake makers/sellers.

Always try to be more creative and improve your designs, avoid making the design over and over again. Consider also the theme for the event like for kid’s party, debut, wedding, etc.

Offer other flavors like cupcakes that are diet-free or gluten free cupcakes or such bizarre flavor dedicated to vegetarian and others.

Some packaging can already be bought and ready to use but my sister who is already in the business makes her own packaging from the boxes into the holders and she also made a customized tower stand that she will also bring home after the client’s party was done. If you are also creative like her you might like to do the same which cuts some cost in her capital.

My sis made these cupcake during my son's 10th birthday

If you can lower your price but still earns from each piece of your cupcake then it is better but usually cupcake costs a little higher since it is customable and made from your handwork. Don’t forget to include the costs of packaging and the toppings you use. You can try to add 25% - 30% of your original capital cost.

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