January 29, 2014

5 Tools that Make Washing Your Car Quick and Fun.


Nobody said that cleaning your car had to be a tedious task, worthy of being put off again and again and again. As long as the sun is shining and the weather is nice, washing your car can be quick and fun. Here are 5 tools to help get your car clean while letting you have a good time.

1. Hand sponge.

Probably one of the essentials when it comes to cleaning cars, hand sponges can make the job fun. Unlike some of the other tools you can use to clean your car, sponges come in a number of different varieties and styles. For example, these days you can find sponge “wash gloves”, which make the whole car cleaning process fun for all the family. Just make sure you use a soft sponge on your set of wheels to ensure you don’t scratch any of the paint. When the car is spick and span, consider using another sponge to give your car a nice wax and polish.

2. Car brush.

The perfect companion to the hand sponge, the car brush digs a little further to help wash away the deeper lying dirt. The bristles on car brushes are great for breaking apart caked on sediment which can form on your car (especially on the wheel, rims and undercarriage). Just make sure to look at the brushes themselves as some may have harder bristles than others. Softer bristles minimise the risk of scratching your car.

3. Window squeegee.

Not just limited to the times you’re filling up your car at a petrol station, a window squeegee can help you clean your car on a regular basis – with much effectiveness. Especially useful for your car windows (it can be used on the body, too) it can save you a lot of time when getting your car looking all nice and shiny again. Some squeegees come with extendable handles – so you don't have to walk around to the other side. Now how good is that!

4. Water flow brush.

A fun and effective way to get the car clean, a water flow brush should be a part of any car cleaner’s arsenal. All you need to do when using one is hook it up to the hose, add some soap (or detergent) and then turn on the water. These brushes will let you scrub down the car with gentle water flowing through the brush itself. Indeed, these days, many of these brushes come with attached soap dispensers that will foam up as water passes through to really help deep clean your car.

5. High pressure cleaner.

If you’re looking for a serious car cleaning tool that is both fun, and effective, there really is no need to look further than the high pressure cleaner. This effective tool pressurizes the cold water coming out of your hose into a powerful jet that breaks down almost anything that had your car looking dirty before. If you're serious about keeping your car clean click here and take a look at some options that will have your car looking awesome in no time at all. High pressure cleaners are great for getting rid of stubborn dirt on the car and surrounding the wheels – all whilst have a great time!

With an assortment of the right tools, cleaning your car can be done at home while having fun. Get the kids or family involved and spread around the brushes and sponges to tackle the job even quicker. Or, if you're really trying to get it done fast, pull out the high pressure cleaner and get to work watching the dirt wash away!

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