January 27, 2014

Life is Like a Music, Just Go With It

Life is like a music, sometimes you need to listen, follow and praise it. But what if music doesn’t like you, should you chase the music and court it to like you too? 

I just remember a friend who always pushes her child to learn how to play music instruments like violin, guitar, Bass and etc. This friend of mine never give up on her child and did whatever it takes to acquire her dream skills in music. Although there’s a lot of distraction along their way such as husband who never care, colleagues and friends whom instead of giving moral support, advice her to quit it since her child seems can’t learn how to play any kind of instrument. 

Until all of her efforts get paid for, her child is now a full blown artist and is now own a music tutorial in the city that teaches child to learn music instrument too. Her daughter also performs outside the country and receives different awards from various organizations. 

The moral of this story is to never give up and chase your dream and sometimes too early exposure and a push can lead to development of golden skills.

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