February 11, 2014

$50 Bubblews Payment

I have a love and hate  relationship with Bubblews due to procrastination and hiatus mode. I also can’t keep up with Bubblews while still updating my blogs. I am not a multi-task person to do things at the same time but because I need some part time income now that I’m pregnant I am back again to writing in bubblews and still trying to update my several blogs.


This is the first time that I received payment from them after they have switch their threshold payment from $25 into $50. And it took me almost a month to reach that minimum $50 due to main reason of not writing always for them. I never push myself to write 10 articles per day not that I don’t want to speed up my earnings but because it will compromise the quality of my post. I better post 1 to 3 articles per day than to have a bunch of article with less quality and non sense topic.

If you also want to join bubblews here is my referral (click the link) and while you are there you may want to read carefully the 8 simple rules and guidelines in earning money at bubblews which is located at “The Bank” section. I already told this before but I will tell again anyway: if you do not intend to follow the rules then don’t join because more members were not paid from the site due to their violation. 


  1. Good progress. great to see you have a website. Even i have one tech blog

  2. I want to try Bubblews too.. will join under you sis!



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