February 12, 2014

Traits Of A Successful Manager


The modern workplace is constantly evolving; this means that good managers need to constantly change with the times. Management styles that used to work in the past may no longer be effective; it is important to consistently work on your style so it suits your work environment. When it comes to success, managers need to keep the following qualities in mind:

Remove Roadblocks

It's important to remove employee roadblocks on their path to success; a manager needs to empower and engage their employees regularly. This management style produces better results than managing by fear. 

The traditional idea of management was based on strong leaders who instilled fear into their workers; this type of leadership never produced great results. Employees resent strict managers; people are not very productive under a stifling management team.

Employees work hard to make sure that their organization succeeds. It is important that their managers work just as hard as they do; it's your job to make sure that everyone else has a chance at success. Employees are an organization's most valuable asset; it is important to do everything in your power to make sure that they are happy and successful.

Embrace Technology

Managers need to understand how technology impacts their employees. This doesn't mean that they have to turn into IT professionals, but it does mean that they need to be familiar with the landscape. It's important to understand how social and collaborative technologies impact your employees; if you keep on top of things, you can relate to your employees better. Managers that have this understanding tend to be able to adapt and evolve quickly; this allows you to stay in tune with your employees.

Lead By Example

Bob Bratt believes that managers always need to set a good example. If you make certain rules and regulations, you better abide by them. If employees see you slack off on your own rules, they think that you are treating them unfairly. When employees feel unfairly treated, they don't take their work seriously; their productivity and loyalty are drastically reduced.

It's important to show your employees that you are willing to do more than just make the rules. If you are on the ground level following the same rules that your employees are, then they respect you and your rules more. It is impossible for employees to evolve when they see that their managers aren't.

Embrace Vulnerability

Savvy management teams are open, transparent and sometimes show vulnerability; this makes you look human. If employees see that you aren't perfect, they are more likely to relate to you on a personal level. Vulnerability and transparency are the heart of innovation and creativity; if you have the courage to show your employees when you are wrong, they will be more likely to try innovative things without fear.

Being vulnerable isn't about being weak; being vulnerable is about being courageous. There can be no innovation without vulnerability.

Openly Sharing

Managers have access to a lot of information when making decisions; oftentimes, these managers dole out orders to their employees based on this information. A problem arises when employees have no idea why you are doing what you are doing; this makes them angry and confused. When making changes, always let your employees know why they are being made. Give your employees access to information to help them do their job successfully.

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