March 03, 2014

A Challenge to All SWA Members

It’s no secret that you earn money from SWA since you always post it on your wall and I am not in the position to judge whether it’s a scam or not because I didn’t make a research about it and I’m not interested to join. I admit, once upon a time I became a fan of Ponzi scheme and I used to join in several scheme like this before. I knew it will eventually collapse in the end that’s why I make sure that I can exit my capital soon and earn before it was gone.

Yes, it was fun to make money without much effort but I can’t deny the fact that I need to fool some friends before earning it. It’s actually a shamed on my end because I realized that they were stuck in the middle while I am enjoying it. Not only have I built some cold relationship with them I even made some frienemies because of this pyramiding scheme. So I stop for the sake of peace in mind and guilt.

But you SWA, looks like you’re getting bigger and bigger everyday and I can see that you are all over the facebook feeds of someone else’s account and fanpage post comment. You even interrupted a good conversation among netizens on important issues and hi-jack the whole thread for advertising and convincing to join in SWA. Worst of all, you won't mentioned that it was a SWA and that you are in need or hiring more of data entry workers who can do facebooking for 2 to 3 hours with substantial salary.

Every now and then you are plastering the pictures of cash money you already earned in SWA as if you exceeds the ability of politicians crook and you don’t need to work for a living. It’s very tempting, it’s envious and I assume that one or two persons out of 10 may join you and invest their hardship money of 2500 and then do the same to acquire their capital, or most of the time they can’t.

To give my benefit of doubt to all SWA members who always flashed their money on facebook, I will gladly join your SWA or Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate if you can sponsor and cover Php 2,500.00 in my behalf. Of course I’ll return it once I earn that cold cash you always post on facebook. Anyway that money is just a fraction compared to what you always boast on Facebook and it’s more believable if you won’t mind if I don’t give it back, right? 

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