March 13, 2014

Low Cost Housing

Every starting family wished to have their own home, a shelter where they can be safer, rest, eat and settle. It feels comfortable when you know that you own your home, and none will able to take it from you or your family.

Like what happened to the homeowners of Globe Asiatique most of them paid the amortization and some even fully paid just to discover that the house they are paying were not for them. Most of these family use their hard earned money to pay for their house. And I sympathize for them because I know the hardship and sacrifice to work abroad just to pay the house for years. Maybe some of these families have deprived themselves to religiously pay and hope in owning them soon. How would you feel if you were in their situation, all of your hard work would have gone in waste, and you are about to start again with zero.

Luckily for my friend who owns a low cost housing in Cavite, after years of paying amortization they finally own their house. They didn’t experience any hassle and mess of Globe Asiatique scandal. They make sure that the developer is connected to the PAG-IBIG fund, and the title will be given to them once they paid. I'm not expert in owning real estate property, but I will try to research further with this. By the way, thanks for the gift of cloudlifter from guitar center for my son, I had fun visiting you guys.

My advice is to double check even triple or quadruple check and be vigilant to investigate first before investing in real estate property like homes or condo. Just like what happen to GA, they have known as one of the best real estates in the country but none of us think they’ll end up in a scam.

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