March 19, 2014

Do you agree with forced remittance law?

Recently, I just read a status from a friend who is actually furious about the filing of bill he has read on news online. It was about a proposal in Philippine Congress forcing all OFW to remit to their families in the country or else a risk of not renewing their passports in consular offices worldwide.

OFWs and even netizens are protesting on House Bill 3576, authored by Congressman Roy Señeres of the OFW Partylist. Other OFW even commented that Cong. Señeres who they supported last election should protect and serve OFWs rather than making a bill that will conflict their own interest and right.

The House Bill 3576 requires OFWs to submit proof of remittance to a dependent back in the Philippines as one of the requirements for passport renewal in consular offices abroad.

This law also conflicts those OFW whose employer is delayed in giving a salary and what about those housewives who chose to stay with their husband with visa family but has no work, will they also affected by this bill?

My husband is an OFW but even without this bill I always receive remittances from him and so those of his colleagues at work. There was just a time that I didn’t receive because he needs to pay for the professional exams and some other schooling that needs for promotion and grading as an engineer.

I believe that this bill created because there are other OFWs who never give supports to his family probably because they are separated or other parties involved which the dependant file a complaint to the consular and asked not to renew his passport. But this case should seek a legal matter and not to forced all OFW for remittance in a bill.

For me, there are some OFW who wished they should decide whether to give or not for their families at home as they wanted to save the money by themselves. We all know that some families live luxury once they received remittances and can’t set aside money for savings.

Government should focus more on how to protect our overseas worker especially in places where war and abuses occurs rather than giving them some stress with unnecessary bill.

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