April 29, 2014

Stock Market Simple Strategy

I can’t believe that it’s been a year now since I created an account in a broker online and invest my money in several blue chips. My hubby is very happy that I risked some of our money in the stock market; he did not know at first because I don’t want him to disagree with my decision. And when I told him about it he tried to educate himself in the stock market and before I knew it he is the one that manages it while I am left behind lol. Seriously he enjoys stock market and even shared the knowledge with his colleagues at work.

After a full evaluation in our portfolio we are amazed that we did earn 15 % from our investment, it is surely better than having our money sit in a time deposit and bond, although we also have our money invested in those vehicle too. Our only regret is that we never invested early as soon as we’ve got our first job lol.

Our strategy is just simple as buy low and sell high, we have a target that are based on the broker’s computation, that if we reach that target it is a signal to sell our stocks. And when the market goes down instead of panicking we are buying more to average down our shares, then we wait till it is up again. After selling we are looking for a new stock to hold that is low and has a potential to grow and increase in price, of course it should be blue chips too.

Remember to just choose your stock wisely, do not sell at loss, and keep buying shares to average it down if the price of the stock keeps falling. Educate yourself before entering in any investment.


  1. Nice explanation. Maybe you can help me to know more about stock market. I always hear these words but never tried to enter. They say its risky and I am afraid to lose my earnings. I hope you will soon post more about this topic, I am interested.

  2. Stock market is a risky market. It's so overwhelming to know how you manage to learn this tricky trade. More blessings to you in that field. How I wish I could do the same.

    Btw, try to check BPI or BDO. With BDO, I can help you meet my manager/friend there :)



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